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Serving Our Patients

During this unprecedented time, our work is more important than ever. Cancer patients are five times more likely to develop serious complications from COVID-19.

To provide an extra layer of support, we have created a free hotline where cancer patients, their families, and their caregivers can talk to our trained clinical analysts about their concerns. We want to keep our patients safe by helping them avoid travel that is not urgent.

Similarly, at the first sign of potential community spread, on February 27, Navya asked all of its employees to begin working from home. We know that social distancing is the key to managing the pandemic and keeping our teams safe.

Since the lockdown on March 22, Navya has assisted over 6,000 patients. Just as we approach cancer care, we will weather this new challenge with empathy and expert guidance.

Cancer care impacted by coronavirus?

Navya has created a free COVID hotline to assist cancer patients.


6,000+ Patients Served Since March 22 Lockdown


52 Year Old from Ranchi

“With no other alternative, Navya was our only hope!” Osheen, Sunita's daughter, explains.

"Mum was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer in 2017. She is on her second-line oral targeted therapy.  Within 8 months, her response to treatment was phenomenal. A follow up at Tata Memorial was planned mid-2020. However, worrying symptoms started to show up by the end of February.

"We didn’t know how we would visit TMC. The pandemic and lockdown brought everything to a standstill. It was risky to even think of traveling or visiting a higher cancer center. Navya was our hope. I took a leap of faith and considered this option.

"We received a detailed response from the experts. Mum is coping well and doing better today. I’m happy with my decision and I wish to stay affiliated with this service."


44 Year Old from Kolkata

Anirban completed treatment for colorectal cancer in 2019, but started to observe worrying symptoms in March 2020. Stuck in Goa and faced with the lockdown, his wife reached out to Navya through the COVID hotline. He is now safely home and is in the process of undergoing tests as recommended by our experts. We wish him a speedy recovery.

His wife says, "It's been very helpful and convincing. The response was quick from experts as well. Thanks to Navya for such an essential service. Navya has been prompt in giving the best suitable medical advice within 48 hours. We are grateful for their kind hospitality and management in these tough times."


37 Year Old From Kolkata

During coronavirus, Pampa was faced with a tough decision to either visit the hospital for her ongoing chemotherapy or to defer treatment.

Pampa was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in 2019. After completion of 6 cycles of chemotherapy, her scans showed significant improvement. She was advised maintenance therapy which she was undergoing in Kolkata. With the onset of the pandemic and its implications on the immunocompromised, she faced a difficult decision: visit the hospital and continue treatment or defer momentarily. Her family reached out to the Navya COVID Hotline. Per ICMR and NCG, she was briefed on her options during Covid.

Her husband says, "At puzzled, confusing times like these, the consultation gave a helping hand about understanding current risks for patients and continuing the treatment."

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