Social Responsibility

Democratizing access

to cancer care

We ensure all cancer patients can afford treatment recommendations from expert oncologists through our strong alliances to experts, nonprofits, and industry.


Subsidize The Cost

With the help of our partners, we subsidize the cost of expert treatment plans. Patients who make below ₹2,50,000 per year receive the service at no charge.

Help The Underserved

Our expert opinion reports are written in simple language that social workers and people without a medical background can understand. Our partners help patients who do not understand the language or have access to technology, register and communicate with Navya.

Our Partners

We are deeply grateful to our partners for their generous contributions.

They enable us to serve India's most vulnerable every day.

The Tata Trusts have been engaged in the field of public health for decades. They focus on strengthening healthcare delivery capability through implementation, institution building, partnerships, and adoption of technology and innovation. They were a pivotal partner in getting TMC-Navya off the ground by assisting us with grant funding.

Partner With Us

Help us build India's cancer care infrastructure