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My sister had a recurrence of her cancer and this time around was feeling upset and low on confidence during the chemo cycles. We reached out to Navya to recommend a counsellor. Navya recommended Dr Vora of Hope Onco. After two sessions with Dr Vora, my sister sounded very positive about her interactions with Dr Vora. Some of the questions that she put to him and his responses truly were an eye opener for us on how to deal with this at an emotional level. Rochelle incidentally is yet another person for whom we will always have a very special place in our hearts for her support. Navya is special. We have come to truly understand the pain that people must be going through when they don't know who to turn to in situations like cancer. But when one has a guide like Navya, it suddenly becomes such a winnable fight. God Bless you, all who are dear to you and all the work that you do. You make such a difference.

Farhad Madan

Maharashtra, India

Navya helped reduce stress brought on by having to do research on our own. It helped with peace of mind that the Navya team would be researching clinical trials applicable to my wife’s case as well as any and all other research that would be helpful in determining the best course of treatment for her. We were better informed about the diagnosis and what it means, thanks to Navya’s report and patient advocates. As such, our interactions and conversations with our treating oncologist were much improved, which was great for both the oncologist and my wife. The Navya Expert Treatment Plan was in line with our oncologist’s recommendations and gave us confidence that this was the right direction for us. Thanks to Navya, my wife received real care online and over the phone, for a complex disease, from halfway across the world. It complemented the necessary in-person care we needed in California.

David L.

California, United States of America

I feel great pleasure in informing you that your Online Consultation Procedure is an excellent arrangement for patients seeking opinion about their diseases & I am proud of the fact that such an efficient organization exists in India. I highly appreciate your entire process of tackling the patient & his disease.The patience of your staff, their brisk followup and their helping attitude are commendable. You are excellent. God bless you all.

Rajesh Kumar Mehrotra

Uttar Pradesh, India

When the very mention of cancer leads to anxiety, fear, and a feeling of helplessness, Navya was a godsend. They offered me hope, faith and motivated me to not give up. They helped me feel less alone when people around me were busy and preoccupied with their own lives. The patient advocates were a constant source of support and I’m truly grateful for their patience and kindness. After discussing the Navya plan with my treating oncologist, I have started the treatment. I have been able to tolerate it and I am feeling fine and okay.

Pratap Chandarana

Maharashtra, India

Thank you for your time and efforts. The opinions given to us during our visit to the Tata Memorial Hospital were aligned with the opinions given to us by Navya. We are grateful to have been able to access first-hand information and your invaluable help from the convenience of our home. We are now, far more confident with the treatment advised and the steps to be taken next. Hoping for the best!

Lourdes Soares

Goa, India

The Navya recommendation was ‘superior, suitable, and best'. It helped a lot and the treating doctor said he is definitely going to follow it without any doubt. I’m grateful that we are able to implement the plan in Gwalior without having to risk travel.

Dileep Rajoriya

Madhya Pradesh, India

I’m very appreciative of Navya’s extremely professional and prompt service in providing expert-recommended cancer treatment plan from Tata Memorial Hospital. I was amazed by the thoroughness of report compilation, and by the polite, compassionate and understanding patient advocates. They also made it easy for me to send medical reports through Whatsapp when I was not able to upload the reports onto the site. I’m very impressed by their promptness and attention to detail, and so glad that I was able to get the recommendations of expert oncologists from such an esteemed institute with such ease.

Mriduchanda Nag

Maharastra, India

Many thanks. I have personally experienced the benefits of availing of Navya's services. I wish the word spreads wide about the excellent work that you are doing so that more and more cancer patients can get the valuable guidance from your experts and recover. The Navya team and especially you (Gitika) have given us a new energy and hope in our fight against Jjjaji's cancer with your great support and guidance.You are wonderful people and I have the highest respect for the founders and entire Navya Team. I wish Navya a rewarding journey ahead.

Anil Chaturvedi

Uttarakhand, India

Thank you so much for prioritizing my request and for all the help you have provided! I’m truly impressed by the immediate response from the team. Kudos to the Navya team for this experience! We felt much better once we heard about the treatment from the TMC experts, and all this without any hassles whatsoever.

Vineeta Singh

Seattle, United States of America

We are absolutely delighted with the service. The Navya Expert Treatment Plan is completely in line with our doctors’ recommendations in Hooghly. We are now more confident that we are on the right path.

Abhijeet Guha

West Bengal, India

I am thankful to you for sending us a report on time so that we were able to make a decision regarding the further process.

Apal Vora

Gujarat, India

Heartfelt gratitude to Navya for their unconditional and unexpected help. Despite my being a BPL patient, you reverted quickly. I’m very glad to have had your support

Pravin Patil

Maharashtra, India

My brother-in-law, suffering from Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma, was under the expert supervision of Dr. Sudhir Rawal, renowned oncologist and Director of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, New Delhi. We had many doubts and wanted to get a second opinion. One of my friends strongly recommended Navya. My experience with Navya has been great. With regard to response time, sensitivity during interaction, detailed reports, diagnosis, cost-effective medical prescription, follow-up with expert oncologists, processing fee, etc., the service has been outstanding. This is a great service to mankind.

R. K. Singh

Delhi, India

The team here at Bhailal Amin General Hospital has been very receptive to the expert treatment plan Navya provided in January 2020. They have followed the treatment plan suggested by Navya in totality. The entire team, including the hospital administration, has been impressed by the depth of the Navya plan, its detailing and the speed with which it was delivered. I have recommended to the hospital that it should incorporate a Navya referral in its standard procedures for treating cancer patients. That would be far more effective and efficient than individuals doing so, because not every patient will have someone with familiarity (leave alone facilities) needed to make use of the help offered by Navya. That it happened in this case is a serendipitous exception! I am personally extremely grateful for all the guidance I have received so far. I believe it has made a world of difference to the care regimen for the patient, which can only help improve her condition. Thank you again.

Shreekant Sambrani

Gujarat, India

Navya was very helpful. We got confirmation on the treatment and were assured that we were on the right track. We have completed the treatment per the Navya recommendation in our hometown. The patient is currently doing very well.

Tejas Jadhav

Maharashtra, India

A second opinion reassures and enables peace of mind that the patient has an up-to-date diagnosis and treatment options. I found Navya trustworthy and easy to use.

Puneet Kacker

Telangana, India

I am delighted that my treatment for breast cancer is over! This entire journey of 7 - 8 months has been comparatively very smooth with very little trauma. One of the main contributors in making this journey so comfortable was Navya. While the local hospital and my treating doctor were also of great help, it was Navya that was responsible for helping us with the overall journey and ensuring both medical and emotional support. Thank you seems so insufficient in the face of everything the Navya team did for me and my family. But, thank you!

Prashanthi T.

Goa, India

The treatment plan gave us and the treating oncologist the confidence to make the right plan. The expertise available with Navya makes it an outstanding service. It gave us hope.

Ravi Biyala

Madhya Pradesh, India

I received a detailed report wherein all my questions were answered. The case was neatly summarised for experts. The patient history was documented extensively and in-depth, and ensured that no information was missed.

Abha Madaan

Delhi, India

Many thanks for providing this valuable and extremely helpful consultation report. The sincerity, details and promptness with which the medical report has been put together in a structured form along with the expert opinion on further course of treatment is very impressive. It clearly shows the thoroughness and dedication at both Navya team's and expert medical oncologist's end.

Seema Gupta

Maharashtra, India

It's been very helpful and convincing. The response from the experts was very timely. Thanks to Navya for such an essential service. Navya has been prompt in giving the best medical advice within 48 hours. We are grateful for their kindness and efficiency even in the face of a global pandemic.

Anirban Karak

West Bengal, India

The help rendered by the Navya team, during the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown is sincerely appreciated.

Prasanta Das

West Bengal, India

A big ‘Thank you!’ for helping me get the right opinion and treatment plan for my 6-year-old daughter.

Sameer Pande

Uttar Pradesh, India

I would like to place on record the fact that all of you at Navya have been incredible. Right from the first call to the continuous updating of the status of my case, the efficiency and sensitivity displayed has been marvellous. I want to thank you and all your team members who have interacted with me.

Jitendranath Nayer

Maharashtra, India

We’re very happy with the Navya service. We’re thankful to the sponsor for helping us at this time. You are really doing a great service to mankind.


West Bengal, India

Thanks for the prompt, proper response with the expert opinion. Your help is much appreciated. Now that we know how to proceed, I am already feeling cured of the disease.

Sundar Venkat

Tamil Nadu, India

We are highly thankful to all of you as we have received free expert opinion bedside all the concerned members of your department showing sympathy towards the patient and assured us that we will do our best in order to recover him as soon as possible.. Thank you once again.

Aadil Mir

Kashmir, India

I would like to express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude towards team Navya for your constant and prompt support during such tough times.

Mohit Deshmukh

Madhya Pradesh, India

I am very happy to receive this report from the Navya team and it is a great relief for me that you have sent your expert opinion on time. It is my great pleasure to thank you for your hard work and giving us the best opinion. We pray that God will bless you all for your expert work and many more patients who are suffering may find solace. May God Bless you.

Sr. Benjamin

Rourkela, India

We’re satisfied with the Expert Treatment Plan. We shared the report with the treating oncologist and are on the same treatment at the cancer hospital in Varanasi. We’re thankful to the sponsor for helping us during the pandemic.

Shani Kumar

Jharkhand, India

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